Zanzibar: Day 3

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Good afternoon! Today was a very busy day. First, we rode bikes to the turtle conservation center to do some work there. We cleaned the green sea turtles’ shells, scrubbing the surface to get the algae off. It was tiring … Continued

Zanzibar: Day 2

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Today we went to the community school, which is funded by the organization I’m volunteering with. World Unite! provides funding for the school’s teachers, meals, uniforms, and supplies. The 118 families who attend this school are also part of the … Continued

Conservation in Zanzibar: Day 1

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Hi, my name’s Gianna, and I’m a Horticulturalist at Zoo New England. Thanks to a grant from the Zoos’ Jonathan Gilmour Memorial Scholarship Fund, I’m working as a World Unite! conservation volunteer in the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, a … Continued

Wonderful Wildflowers

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It’s not often that you’re surrounded by the fruits and flowers of your labor. But that was the case for the Field Conservation Department last Thursday at Peter Spring Field. Peter Spring Field is a 20-acre agricultural field owned by … Continued