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Welcome to Zoo New England’s Field Conservation blog! Here, we share some of the amazing work going on “beyond the zoo” at a variety of field sites around New England. Expect tales from the field, interesting nature facts, and the occasional guest post from one of our local – or international! – community partners.

To Find a Nest
Local Conservation | Turtles

To Find a Nest

We often talk about protecting turtle nests, but how does it actually happen? Finding a turtle nest is no mean feat; the animals work hard to hide their nesting activity, because many other animals would like nothing better than a … Continued

A small brown butterfly with an intricate wind pattern and silvery fringe sits on a spike of unopened purple flowers.
Local Conservation | Plants

Species Feature: Frosted Elfin

Warmer temperatures as summer comes to Massachusetts have brought plants into rapid growth and flowering, and with them, the insects that depend on those plants have also become more active. Many of these insects are so small and well-camouflaged that you … Continued

A person in an orange shirt, chest waders and singlasses measures the carapace of a wood turtle using large calipers.

Welcome, New Staff!

Every year, the Field Conservation Department brings on seasonal staff to help with the massive amount of fieldwork our tiny department has to get done. Many of these seasonal staff return to work for us in future years and go … Continued

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