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Welcome to Zoo New England’s Field Conservation blog! Here, we share some of the amazing work going on “beyond the zoo” at a variety of field sites around New England. Expect tales from the field, interesting nature facts, and the occasional guest post from one of our local – or international! – community partners.

A spotted turtle, its black shell dotted by yellow, is just visible through a layer of bubbly ice. The turtle rests on dead leaves underwater, its head mostly pulled back into its shell.
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Warming Winter Woes

It’s sixty degrees Fahrenheit in February as I write these words, and not even for the first time this year. Some variation in temperature from day to day and week to week has always been a fact of life living … Continued

A man wearing a sun visor and a yellow t-shirt stands in front of a cedar-shingled building with an open door in the background. Draped between the man's hands is a large, dark, slimy amphibian with a long body and tiny vestigial forelegs.

Wildest Animal Experiences: Part 3

We’re finishing our three-part series of wild staff animal encounters this week with one from the Director of Field Conservation himself, Bryan Windmiller, featuring one very interesting and very lost amphibian. “I have spent a great deal of time surveying … Continued

A white man with dark hair, a black wide-brimmed hat, and thick gloves holds a young falcon with white downy feathers and a confused expression. The man is looking down at the falcon while standing on a ladder leaned against a telephone pole with an orange bucket nearby.

Wildest Animal Experiences, Part 1

This week and next, we’re taking you on a tour of some of our staff’s wildest animal experiences during our long and varied career. We hope you enjoy these stories and come to know our team a little bit better! … Continued

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