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Welcome to Zoo New England’s Field Conservation blog! Here, we share some of the amazing work going on “beyond the zoo” at a variety of field sites around New England. Expect tales from the field, interesting nature facts, and the occasional guest post from one of our local – or international! – community partners.

digging a pipe
International Conservation

Zanzibar: Day 6

Today we were supposed to teach science and conservation topics to children, but some large cracks had formed in the tubing to the school’s main water supply, so the priority was shifted to fixing it. We spent the afternoon digging … Continued

Hatchlings Head to School
Local Conservation | Turtles

Hatchlings Head to School

It’s back-to-school season, and not just for kids! This year, we are raising over 100 threatened Blanding’s, wood, and spotted turtles in more than 30 Massachusetts schools. Classes give these hatchlings a “head start”, helping them to grow bigger and stronger before releasing them … Continued

International Conservation

Zanzibar: Day 6

Today was a long day, but it was quite fun!   I first worked at a local plant nursery doing some weeding, planting palms in pots, and organizing their stock. It was an impressive nursery. I saw tons of butterflies here, … Continued

International Conservation

Zanzibar: Day 5

Today we started out by weeding a local organic garden that contained banana, papayas and eggplant. I noticed some of the plants I weeded out were some we have in New England, including couch grass, lantana, and Asiatic dayflower. It … Continued

International Conservation

Zanzibar: Day 4

Today we hiked to a fruit orchard that’s used by the camp and local community for food. They grow lemon, banana, and papaya saplings, which we helped water this afternoon. It was exhausting work, as there were many trees, only … Continued

gianna at water
International Conservation

Zanzibar: Day 3

Good afternoon! Today was a very busy day. First, we rode bikes to the turtle conservation center to do some work there. We cleaned the green sea turtles’ shells, scrubbing the surface to get the algae off. It was tiring … Continued

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