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Welcome to Zoo New England’s Field Conservation blog! Here, we share some of the amazing work going on “beyond the zoo” at a variety of field sites around New England. Expect tales from the field, interesting nature facts, and the occasional guest post from one of our local – or international! – community partners.

Marbled Salamander Season is Here
Amphibians | Local Conservation

Marbled Salamander Season is Here

With the weather finally starting to show the first hints of winter, most reptiles and amphibians are settling down into their winter hibernation. Under the ice in certain vernal pools, however, one species stays active all winter long: marbled salamanders! … Continued

A male turkey faces the camera, feathers fully puffed out and tail spread, blue and red neck and face skin on display and wings drooping. Behind him, three other turkeys are visible along the side of an asphalt road.
birds | Local Conservation

Turkey Tales

It’s the end of November, so many folks’ thoughts are turning to turkey. Domestic turkeys have a reputation for being docile and foolish, but their ancestral stock, the wild turkey, is anything but. Canny and quick, wild turkeys have always challenged hunters, … Continued

Two small, streaky brown-and-white birds, one with a cherry-red cap, forage alongside a larger, stockier bird with a heavy bill and greenish-yellow head and rump. All three birds are picking small black seeds off the snowy ground.
birds | International Conservation

Fall Focus on Finches

At ZNE’s Field Conservation department, we’re always paying close attention to the behavior of animals as the seasons shift. Every species has its own needs, and they have all evolved specialized behavioral strategies to meet those needs. Fall follows summer and … Continued

the team
International Conservation

Zanzibar: Final Day!

Yesterday I had a tour of the mangroves and some nearby villages to learn more about the culture of the area. Our guide said there are ten different types of mangroves that grow in the forest, and pointed out some … Continued

A pale, shiny fish with an elongated body is shown in profile inside a glass jar full of water. The scales around its head and neck are much larger and broader than elsewhere on its body.
Fish | Local Conservation

ZNE Gone Fishin’

On a sunny early October day, ZNE’s Field Conservation staff conducted a unique survey at an urban park in Boston. Department Director Bryan Windmiller and Field Conservationist John Berkholtz visited a spring-fed pond where the state-Threatened threespine stickleback fish makes its home.  This small fish, about 1.5 to 2.5 in long, has three dorsal spines (hence the name) as well as two pelvic spines.  This species … Continued

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