ZNE Gone Fishin’

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On a sunny early October day, ZNE’s Field Conservation staff conducted a unique survey at an urban park in Boston. Department Director Bryan Windmiller and Field Conservationist John Berkholtz visited a spring-fed pond where the state-Threatened threespine stickleback fish makes its home.  This small fish, about 1.5 to 2.5 in long, has three dorsal spines (hence the name) as well as two pelvic spines.  This species … Continued

Zanzibar: Day 8

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Today I worked with the biologist/host at the camp to find possible plants that can be used as browse (food) for their Aldabra giant tortoise. I went through Zoo New England’s browse lists and contacted the dietician to find some … Continued

Zanzibar: Day 7

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Today we were supposed to teach science and conservation topics to children, but some large cracks had formed in the tubing to the school’s main water supply, so the priority was shifted to fixing it. We spent the afternoon digging … Continued