One Health in Madagascar Field Mission, Day Two

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Manombo Special Reserve campsite, our “home” for the first week.

Yesterday evening we (nearly) completed our journey and stayed the night in Farafangana, a town just 30 minutes north of the Manombo Special Reserve. We met with several members of Health in Harmony, who are very dedicated to their work.

This morning, we arrived at the Manombo Special Reserve campsite. The campsite is great, with concrete slabs covered by grass huts to ensure that our tents will stay dry. After setting up camp, we visited the people living in the small nearby village of Ampamohaza, to introduce ourselves and our work, and ask permission to study animals within the village and surrounding area.

They were welcoming and immediately supportive. We are looking forward to learning more about the local communities and the wildlife living in the area!

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