One Health in Madagascar Field Mission, Day Five

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We’ve completed our biodiversity assessment in Manombo Special Reserve and moved to our second site, the Classified Forest, which is located southwest of the Manombo Special Reserve. What remains of the Classified Forest is heavily degraded secondary growth, with all large trees gone. Much of the forest has been lost completely, and was cleared only recently.

Walking across charcoal—the remnants of a forest that had existed just eight years prior—was a stark contrast to the healthy forest we had worked in within the interior of the Manombo Special Reserve. It was heartening, however, that two mouse lemurs were found in this forest, which Chris Bonar performed health exams on and found to be healthy. They are so tiny and cute! It was also inspiring to see that the village we were camping at, Anivorano, were engaged in the reforestation efforts, and were supporting tree nurseries in the village in collaboration with Health in Harmony.

Hopefully, these regenerative efforts will gain enough momentum to bring back the Black and White Ruffed Lemur and other wildlife that have lost this critical habitat.

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